REGAL – Project partners

Grdr – Group of Research and Achievements for Rural Development – is an international non-governmental organization created in 1969 which works in France, West Africa (Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau) but also in Maghreb (Tunisia and Algeria) in support of migrants initiatives on development projects in their villages and regions of origin.

In France as in Africa, the Grdr supports all types of projects, whether they multisectorial, associative or individual, and provides methodological support to project leaders.

In its philosophy, the Grdr does not do instead of project promoters, but allows them to acquire the skills to successfully complete all stages of their project cycle.

Fundatia The European Network for community development
Born in April 2012 in the desire to ensure the visibility, synergy and sustainability of the Romanian-Belgian partnerships in the field of development (active since 1989), but also to develop this network of actions by collaborating and exchanging experience with national and / or international organizations interested in the field of community development. We are a network of people for people and for Romanian communities, a non-governmental organization set up by partners from Romania and Belgium.

We bring together in a national network both non-governmental organizations and informal groups, established at local, regional or national level.
Although different as domains activity and organization, all structures share their establishment as a result of a Romanian-Flemish partnership and / or orientation towards the needs of local communities.

Focus Ireland is a non-profit organisation founded by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy. Sr. Stan. It is based in Dublin and aims to advance the right of people-out-of-home to live in a place they call home through quality services, research, and advocacy.

It helps prevent families, young people, and individuals from having to first experience homelessness.

For those currently experiencing homelessness, it identifies the best available supports and options to aid them on their journey out of homelessness.
The three mains values are Respect – by treating individuals equally – Safety – by providing a safe environment and Quality – by offering professional and appropriate services. is a broad social movement. You will find the many thousands of volunteers in almost every Flemish and Brussels municipality. Those volunteers move your neighborhood. They strive for a safe school environment, for sufficient childcare, for a healthy environment. They campaign for more social housing, for just taxes, for work and for an income for everyone. listens to what concerns people in their environment. It brings people together, looking for lasting solutions to problems. It sets people in motion so that they are strong enough to tackle the problems in their neighborhood themselves. addresses the concerns of people in neighborhoods and neighborhoods, regions and municipalities.

With many interested and involved parties. With actions and petitions, with files and proposals, the gets society moving.

EAPN – European Anti-Poverty Network (Rede Europeia anti probreza Portugal associacao)
The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) is the largest European network of national, regional and local NGO networks as well as European Organizations active in the fight against poverty. Founded in 1990 in Brussels, EAPN is currently represented in 31 countries, namely in Portugal.

Created on 17 December 1991, EAPN Portugal is an organization recognized as a National Social Solidarity Association, obtaining in 1995 the status of Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO). The action of EAPN Portugal, based in Oporto, extends throughout the country through 18 District Nuclei.

In 2010 he was awarded the Human Rights Award by the Assembly of the Republic. The unanimous decision was taken by a jury constituted within the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees.